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martes, septiembre 19, 2023
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Another BIG Brake Kit Option BBK OMG!

1st post is info regarding the BBK itself
2nd post is the important updates and list of buyers.

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Please read:

Where there’s a Wil, there’s a wood. We’re talking about Wilwood! Brakes!

There’s another alternative to the current big brake kits (BBK) options. Wilwood has long been used in competitive racing and podium finishers. They really have dedicated themselves to the grassroots motorsports (people like you and I) while balancing larger race programs. The reason I’ve said this is they’ve always remained simple in price and offered a way for the little guys to play in the big boy arena. In this case, we can adapt the Wilwood Aero6 6-piston forged aluminum goodness! The Aero6 calipers mate up to 338×32 rotors found on the GX/4Runner Sport through customized brackets. This is preferable for me if I ever have issues, then I can use any brand GX/4R rotor on the road or off the trail. We can use many different options!

As you’ll see it comes with an Aero6 caliper that has internal seals. I had to talk to the RR-racing and they will also make have an Aero6 with external Dust Seal version for offroaders for $100 more on top of the kit price. If you only street or tow alot where dirt is not a concern, no worries.


Want to out brake your sportscar? Looking to haul that monstrosity of a trailer in confidence while towing? Mall parking curbs so tall you upgraded to 37 -40″ and now they just fade away! Just going to leave this here. The basic kit is calipers, pads, and mounting brackets. Cool thing is they can be paint coated black, orange, red, silver, white, yellow, blue.

I reached out to the company producing a basic kit plus additional accessories (rotors/ lines) and was wondering if other people were interested in completing a group buy? We have several options if we are able to confirm 5 buyers and it’ll be a certain percentage off. And more so for 10 buyers, etc. Out of respect for companies online, I’ll only be messaging the price to buyers to avoid any pricing backlash. I won’t be handling any of the funds, but helping organize the list of those confirmed. I would like to see that we have more options available and hopefully this will help others.

Current MSRP for the base kit w/ Aero6(non-DS): $1249


Commonly asked questions (updated as we go)
Will these fit my 16″ rims? Short answer is no. Long answer is most likely not, but maybe. Many times it can depend on the design of the barrel of the rim and spokes. Some wheels and manufacturers even have custom requests for BBK fitment. To play it safe, please be aware it was designed around a 17″ fitment.

What rim size do I need to accommodate these? As of now, the rim size minimum will be considered safely recommended is an open spoke 17″. With most BBK, fit it is determined by wheel diameter, spoke depth and design. I’ll see if I can get dimensions of the caliper spacing and how fitment is like on stock fj cruiser 17″ wheels.

Do I need new rotors? If you have a PRE 2010 vehicle, most likely if you have a GX or 4runner, they came with smaller 338×28 rotors. These will NOT work with this caliper kit. You can make the upgrade to x32mm rotors to get every little bit of performance.

If you had a FJ or Tacoma, we only received the 319×28 rotor and corresponding caliper.

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What GX or 4Runner came with 338×32 rotors? On 2010 model years, they changed to the 338×32. If you have a GX460, then you’re in the clear. For the 4Runner, Sport models were equipped with the larger rotors and some Limited models with an «Accessory Package». If you don’t know and you have a 2010+, call your dealer with your VIN and they can confirm.

What about the Tacoma?
After doing some research, I’m aware that Tacomas use the same size spindle upright (minor difference in the upper ball joint), brake rotors and calipers match up to part numbers on the FJ Cruiser (which also fits 5th gen 4runner larger sport rotor/caliper).

Are there any optional upgrades? If your intention is to offroad, then consider the base kit with Aero6 DS model that uses external dust seals. It is an extra $100 on top of the base kit price. Otherwise the base kit will be shipped with standard calipers that use internal seals that are safe for all types of terrain but mainly concentrate on the road aspect.


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