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Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses of 2023

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$29 at Amazon

Peepers Clark Focus Blue Light

Peepers Clark Focus Blue Light

Best budget blue light blocking glasses

$80 at Amazon

Gunnar Intercept

Gunnar Intercept

Best blue light blocking glasses for eye protection

$232 at Eyeconic

Glasses USA Ottoto Savoy

Eyeconic, Cole Haan CH4008

Best prescription blue light blocking glasses

$96 at Amazon

Ray-Ban Evolve Aviators

Ray-Ban Evolve Aviators

Best vintage style blue light blocking glasses

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So many of us stare at a screen for large chunks of time. It’s harmless, for the most part. However, there may be days where it strains your eyes and leaves you with painful headaches or general eye discomfort. In the most extreme cases, prolonged exposure can even result in macular degeneration. 

The best blue light glasses can help combat pesky eye strain while you get all your work done. There are a ton on the market, and it can be difficult to know where to start. Luckily, we’re here to help you find the best blue light blocking glasses for your needs. Here’s our list of the six best blue light blocking glasses out there so that you can use your digital devices without severely impacting your eye health. Don’t worry, each option is stylish and comfortable. 

Best blue light blocking glasses of 2023

Blue Light Absorption Up to 40%Features Spring hinges, UV 400 protection, anti-reflective, anti-scratchPrescription Option YesVirtual Try-On Yes

Peepers’ blue light glasses are our pick for the best budget blue light blocking glasses. They’re affordable (under $30) and with magnification, they can double as reading glasses. 

The company claims its blue light technology can filter 40% of harmful rays from the blue light spectrum — ideal for when you’re trying to avoid the pitfalls that come with overexposure to artificial light from a computer screen and prevent digital eye strain. These super-trendy tortoise square frames instantly caught my attention. If, like me, you’re not looking to always be super-extra, these blue light glasses also come in neutral tones like black and cream, so you look trendy while minimizing light exposure. These glasses also provide UV protection.

Material: Polycarbonate frame, acrylic lens

Prive Revaux Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Prive Revaux

Blue Light Absorption Not statedFeatures Anti-reflective, anti-scratch, UV protectionPrescription Option YesVirtual Try-On No

«Prive Revaux» sounds like I’m about to convince you to buy $300 glasses, but in reality this swanky named eyewear brand sells its blue light blocking glasses for around $40. Its lenses have blue light filters along with a scratch resistant and antiglare coating.

Not only does the name of these blue light filtering glasses sound super fancy, but the styles — there are over three dozen to choose from — are designer inspired at a really affordable price. You can even find some pairs on sale for as low as $10. Many of the frames are made from injection-molded cellulose propionate, which is a durable, yet lightweight material. Overall, you will get some of the best styles from Prive Revaux. 

Material: Injection-molded cellulose propionate frame, acrylic lens 

Gunnar Intercept


Blue Light Absorption Between 35% and 98%Features Anti-scratch, anti-reflective, multi-barrel hinges, UV protectionPrescription Option YesVirtual Try-On Yes

Gunnar is serious about blue light filtering eye protection. The company has a «blue light protection factor spectrum,» ranging from the lowest protection of 35, to heavy-duty protection at 98 (check out the amber lens design). Gunnar recommends the 98 protection factor if you work from your computer late at night, so these may very well be the best blue light blocking glasses for you workaholics and gamers (or 2 a.m. HBO bingers). 

I’ve picked the Intercept (starting at $75), and boy, do these blue light glasses look intense with their amber lens color. Most people will probably like them for an «at-home» only pair, but you really can’t beat the level of protection they offer. 

Material: Nylon frame, glass lens

Felix Gray Roebling

Felix Gray

Blue Light Absorption Up to 30%Features Anti-glare (polarized), UV protectionPrescription Option YesVirtual Try-On Yes

You might have recognized the Felix Gray brand name due to its impressive eyewear marketing featuring attractive people sporting these sleek frames. All of the company’s models seem to instantly appear smarter just by sliding on a pair. You can get that in blue light blocking form too. 

Along with great style, Felix Gray embeds blue light blocking filters directly into the lenses and adds an anti-reflective coating to help protect against artificial blue light. These classic round Roebling frames come in two frame color options, a fun blue or tortoise brown, starting at $95. Because of the price, they are definitely considered one of the best luxury blue light blocking glasses available. 

Material: Acetate frames

Glasses USA Ottoto Savoy

Cole Haan

Blue Light Absorption Up to 85%Features Polycarbonate, UV protection, anti-scratchPrescription Option YesVirtual Try-On Yes

Eyeconic is definitely the most high-end of the bunch, featuring designer brand selections. Most of the glasses are above a whopping $140, with frames from Calvin Klein, Nike and Cole Haan, to name a few.

You can add TechShield blue light blocking technology to any of its prescription styles, which the eyewear company says reduces blue light exposure by up to 85%, making them one of the most protective and best blue light blocking glasses out there. I’ve chosen these thicker frames from Cole Haan because I like how prominent they are, but there are plenty of other options to fit your style.

Material: Plastic frames, polycarbonate lens

Ray-Ban Evolve Aviators

Urban Outfitters

Blue Light Absorption Not statedFeatures Adjustable nose padsPrescription Option YesVirtual Try-On No

If you’re into cool retro-grandpa vibes like me (and Instagram), you’ll love these gold-rimmed aviator frames from Ray-Ban. The blue light filtering technology can shield your eyes from digital eye strain during screen time and the thin metal frame won’t weigh heavy on your temples.

Keep in mind that the Ray-Ban name does carry a higher price tag. These blue light blocking glasses cost around $95. However, the quality is worth it if it’s the style you’re looking for. 

Material: Metal frames, crystal lens

How we chose the best blue light blocking glasses

This curated list is based on product research and user reviews. Not all products on the list were tested in house. When choosing the best blue light blocking glasses, we assessed each pick on their light absorption, prescription availability and additional features like anti-glare coating and UV protection. We also consider the price and customer reviews for each product.

What to consider when shopping for the best blue light glasses?

There are many factors you need to consider when it comes to glasses. Some of which will be personal preference, like how they look. But most will be essential things like comfort and prescription options. Here are the key things to consider when shopping for the best blue light blocking glasses. 

  • Prescription: First and foremost, you must ensure that the blue light blocking glasses you like can be tailored to your prescription, if you have one. Some options on the market can’t be, making them unsuitable for people who need corrective lenses and blue light features. 
  • Usage: How often you plan to use your blue light blocking glasses will determine things like weight and shape. If you are going to wear them all the time, comfort is essential. If they are a thing you wear every once in a while at your computer at night, then you have more versatility in your selection. 
  • Blue light blocking capabilities: Deciding how much light you want to block out will help you decide which pair is best for you. Glasses with a yellow or orange tint will block out more of the light spectrum. However, they can distort colors on your computer. The clear blue light glasses won’t do this, but they won’t be able to block out as much light. 
  • Frame style: This is mainly a personal preference, but your frame style matters. Glasses, while useful, are also a way to express yourself. The good and bad news is you have tons of options to choose from. In addition to shape and style, you can choose from different materials like plastic, acetate and wire. 
  • Additional features: Depending on how much you plan to use the glasses, you may be interested in features like anti-glare, UV protection or an anti-scratch coating. Not all options offer these features, so look closely to ensure your desired pair fits your needs. 
  • Price: Blue light glasses are more affordable than prescription lenses, averaging anywhere from $15 to $100. Prescription options often cost even more. Finding your budget will help you determine which glasses are within your price range. The more additional features you want your glasses to have, the higher the price tag. 

Blue light glasses FAQ

What are blue light blocking glasses?

Blue light is a short, high-energy wave of light that is said to keep us awake and alert. Blue light is all around us. It comes from the sun, artificial lighting and devices. The latest science suggests blue light might actually affect sleep less than yellow, but there’s still evidence that squinting into digital screens all day can mess with your circadian rhythm and inhibit melatonin production, which can prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. 

Blue light blocking glasses block out blue light from artificial sources like computers, TVs and cell phones and ease eye strain. Even if you’re not sure if the hours staring at a screen are to blame for your insomnia and eye fatigue, mitigating some of that blue light exposure by wearing blue light glasses can’t hurt.

Do blue light glasses really work?

The short answer? Yes. Blue light blocking glasses have filters that block blue light waves given off by any light source — the sun, screens, lightbulbs, etc. 

Research has shown that blue light impacts our bodies’ ability to produce melatonin, the hormone that helps us fall asleep. Wearing anti-blue light glasses while staring at screens, particularly at night, can help ensure your body produces melatonin so you can get a good night’s rest.

How do I clean blue light glasses?

First, you should always refer to whatever cleaning instructions come with the blue light blocking glasses you buy. In general, you can clean blue light glasses the same way you would clean any other eyeglasses — with a soft, lint-free cloth that won’t cause scratches and a gentle cleaning spray designed for glasses.

When should I wear blue light glasses?

Blue light generally energizes you, helps you concentrate, boosts your mood — all good things during the day. But when you’re winding down from your day in the evening and want to relax, blue light can interfere. For most people, wearing blue light blocking glasses in the evening while watching TV or staring at any screen will be the most beneficial.

Some people also find that blue light blocking glasses can help reduce eye strain, blurry vision and headaches that come from staring at screens while working. You can try both or either to see what works best for you.

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