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martes, septiembre 19, 2023
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BYD DOLPHIN Goes On Sale In Europe Starting At €29,990

Chinese leading electric vehicle manufacturer BYD announced the market launch of the new pure-electric BYD DOLPHIN in Europe. This all-new C-segment hatchback combines distinctive ‘playful’ design aesthetics with versatility, agility and an abundance of standard equipment, together with BYD’s EV technology.

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The new BYD DOLPHIN is priced between £25,490 and £30,990in the UK, and between €29,990 and €36,000 in mainland Europe. Sales will commence in the summer of 2023 with deliveries across Europe starting in Q4 of 2023.

Introducing the Pure-Electric BYD DOLPHIN C-Segment Hatchback
The BYD DOLPHIN is the first model in the Ocean series and the first to adopt BYD’s “Ocean Aesthetics” design concept giving it a distinctive and stylish appearance. Influencing the car’s design is the dolphin; an intelligent, playful and friendly marine mammal, which is depicted in both figurative and imaginative forms. The DOLPHIN offers a 60.4 kWh – and later (from Q1 2024) also a 44.9 kWh – Lithium Iron Phosphate BYD Blade Battery, and benefits from an exclusive safety body structure for pure-electric vehicles.

It also has a complete range of active and passive safety features, which gives it an incomparable advantage in terms of safety performance. The BYD DOLPHIN also features a safe passenger compartment environment, with intelligent driver assistance systems and integrated braking systems for safer travel and easier driving.

Revolutionary Blade Battery as Standard
The BYD DOLPHIN benefits from the ground-breaking Blade Battery, which is revolutionising safety, durability and performance in the EV industry, and safely passed the Nail Penetration Test, regarded as the ‘Mount Everest’ of battery safety tests. BYD DOLPHIN’s cobalt-free Blade Batteries use Lithium Iron-Phosphate (LFP) as its cathode material, which offers a much higher level of safety than conventional lithium-ion batteries. LFP has inherently excellent thermal stability. While being ultra-safe and durable, the Blade Battery is uncompromising in performance, delivering high power density with the benefit of ultra-low energy consumption.

Electric Powertrain Technology for the Ultimate in Efficiency and Intelligence
The Blade Battery works in close synergy with BYD’s competency in electric powertrain technology. BYD DOLPHIN is, like the BYD ATTO 3, built on BYD’s intelligent e-Platform 3.0 for the ultimate in system efficiency and integrated vehicle intelligence. BYD’s 8-in-1 electric powertrain integrates the Vehicle Control Unit, the Battery Management System, the Power Distribution Unit, the Drive Motor, the Motor Controller, the Transmission, DC-DC, and On- Board Charger. Such deep integration delivers a system efficiency of 89%. This integrated technology has been developed to deliver optimum performance and a better driving experience.

BYD DOLPHIN offers a choice of four different models: Active / Boost / Comfort / Design.

BYD DOLPHIN Active: 44.9 kWh battery combined with 70 kW (95 ps) motor. This version can be charged by AC power up to 7 kW and by DC power up to 60 kW.

BYD DOLPHIN Boost: 44.9 kWh battery and 130 kW (176 ps) motor. Adds 17-inch wheels and multi-link rear suspension.

BYD DOLPHIN Comfort: 60.4 kWh battery and 150 kW (204 ps) motor. Claims a range of 265 miles with a fuel consumption of 3.9 miles/kWh. Maximum charging is 88 kW (from 30 to 80% in 29 minutes) but alternating charging reaches a maximum of 11 kW.

BYD DOLPHIN Design: Same technical specifications as the Comfort, but also adds a panoramic roof, Two-Tone Colour Palette paint work, Tri-colour Alloy Wheels, VtoL power strip, privacy glass in the rear seats and wireless smartphone charging.

Acceleration and Performance
With the 60.4 kWh Blade Battery and a permanent magnet synchronous motor, the BYD DOLPHIN can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in just 7 seconds. The 310 Nm of torque and 150kW/204 PS strong motor provide seamless performance helping the Dolphin reach a maximum top speed of 100 mph. The four driving modes include Sport, Normal, Economy, and Snow to suit driving different conditions and preferences.

Convenient Charging and Reassuring Range of 265 miles WLTP
The BYD DOLPHIN with 60.4 kWh battery has a reassuring WLTP combined electric range of 265 miles (426 km). Charging power is 11 kW AC 3 phase. High performance is also achieved when it comes to recharging. The 88 kW DC charger can replenish the battery from 30% to 80% in just 29 minutes. The BYD DOLPHIN is also equipped with VtoL (Vehicle to Load), so the car battery can easily charge external devices.

The BYD DOLPHIN with the 44.9 kWh LFP Blade Battery has an estimated range (WLTP) of 211 miles (339 km) for Active and 193 miles (310 km) for Boost. Further technical details for these trims will be announced closer to the market entry which is to be expected in Q1 2024.

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BYD DOLPHIN Specification  
Dimension (L/W/H) 4,290/1,770/1,570
Kerb weight (kg) 1658 (Comfort and Design)
wheelbase(mm) 2700
Drive type FWD
Top speed (mph) 93 (Active)
100 (Boost, Comfort and Design)
Motor power(kW) 70 (Active)
130 (Boost)
150 (Comfort and Design)
0-62 mph acceleration time (s) 7.0 (Comfort and Design)
Wheel size (inch) 16 (Active)
17 (Boost, Comfort and Design)
Electric range – WLTP Combined (miles) 211 (Active, for reference only)
193 (Boost, for reference only)
265 (Comfort and Design)
Trunk volume (L) 345/1,310
Seating capacity (occupants) 5
Battery type BYD Blade Battery (LFP)
Rated capacity (kWh) 44.9 (Active and Boost)
60.4 (Comfort and Design)
Charging power Active and Boost:
60kW DC
7kW AC
Comfort and Design:
88kW DC
11kW AC (3 phase)
DC charging time (30-80%, min) 28 (Active and Boost)
29 (Comfort and Design)
Heat Pump Standard
V2L function Standard

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