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Doug DeMuro Reveals His Top 3 Dream Cars, and He Already Owns Them

Doug DeMuro is one of the most influential automotive personalities on YouTube. Doug started his online career while he was working as a vehicle allocation manager for Porsche. During that time, he worked as a writer for automotive websites and finally started his YouTube career in 2013.

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For Doug, he wanted to make an entrance with his first videos on YouTube, unlike many other creators at the time who started by making videos that were rough around the edges. Doug DeMuro put a ton of effort into his videos from day one, and he quickly found his niche as the youtube-based automotive reviewer who was relatable, witty, and incredibly informative.

Do you want to know exactly how the mirrors adjust on a Geo Metro? Doug has a video about that. Do you want to know exactly where to find all of the Pininfarina badges located on a Cadillac Allante? Doug has you covered. Quickly, Doug DeMuro became well known for calling these small intricacies, “quirks and features”, which inspired the name of his automotive auction website, Cars & Bids. With so much success on YouTube and the newfound success of Doug’s automotive auction website, he has the means to purchase his dream cars, and funnily enough, he already owns them.

The 2005 Ford GT had been Doug DeMuro’s dream car since high school

Doug DeMuro bought his 2005 Ford GT in 2018. Doug’s inspiration behind buying one of these supercars can be traced back to Doug’s high school days when the GT was released. The fact that Ford built a road-legal version of the 1960s Ford GT LeMans racer was incredible in 2005, but when Doug visited one of his friends who owned a GT in Toronto in 2016, he was hooked. Not only was the Ford GT beautiful to look at with its true-to-form unique doors and retro-inspired styling, but the GT was a true driver’s car.

The 2005 Ford GT came equipped with a mid-engine, rear-wheel drive setup, a 5.4L V8 engine, and six-speed manual transmission. With fantastic handling and power ratings of around 550 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque, it was well worth the $250,000 that Doug paid for his, according to CarHP.

This 1999 Mercedes-Benz G500 is his “Barbie Jeep”

Doug affectionately calls his 1999 Mercedes-Benz G500 Cabriolet his “Barbie Jeep.” He claims that he paid over $100,000 for the dream car, AutoTrader reports, but he is happy with that decision due to how usable the G500 is. Doug compared this to his Land Rover, which doesn’t even have a true heater or many standard safety features at all. The G500 gives Doug the wide-open top feel of his old Land Rover with the luxury features found in a typical Mercedes.

Doug also loves the story behind his G500, which was imported to the United States before it was twenty-five years old, and federalized. This means that every component on this particular G500 had to be outfitted with United States-approved lights and safety features before it could be registered. This means that Doug’s G500 is a true imported Mercedes Benz with all of the work completed to make it road legal in the US, making this one of the most unique G500s in the world.

The 2005 Porsche Carrera GT is not just a dream car, but one of Doug DeMuro’s favorite cars

Doug DeMuro’s favorite car of all time is this Porsche, the Porsche Carrera GT, which, according to CarVibz, currently has a value of around $1.4 million. Doug DeMuro mentions that when he was on his first date in Denver, Colorado he saw a Porsche Carrera GT driving in the winter. From that point, he started carrying around a digital camera, hoping to take a picture of a real one someday, and he finally did in 2005.

Then, Doug DeMuro started taking pictures of every cool vehicle he saw on the road. From there, his career grew to what it is now, making YouTube videos of nearly every unique vehicle on the road today. With a recent multi-million dollar investment into Doug’s Cars & Bids website, it is inspiring to see his hard work pay off and see the product of Doug’s work by purchasing the Porsche that started his love for cars. While Doug DeMuro may already have all of his dream cars today, he just may add another unique vehicle to his garage, one full of even more quirks and features.

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