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sábado, septiembre 30, 2023
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Ford Bronco Sasquatch SUVs, F-150 Lightnings Going to Disaster Relief

  • To help with U.S.-based natural disasters, Ford is providing $2.5 million to Team Rubicon, a veteran-led disaster relief organization.
  • Team Rubicon will receive two Bronco Sasquatch SUVs and 15 pickup trucks: 10 F-150 Hybrids, three F-150 Lightning EV pickups, and two F-350s.
  • Ford previously gave Team Rubicon $1.5 million and donated $7 million for disaster relief efforts in the past few years.

Automakers often donate vehicles or financial resources to communities they are connected to after a disaster hits. Today, Ford is announcing a five-year, $2.5 million investment in Team Rubicon, a veteran-led humanitarian organization. Ford has previously donated $1.5 million to Team Rubicon and said the latest donation will allow the organization to assist communities facing damage from «the increasing number of natural disasters across the United States.» Ford said it will make a total investment of $5.8 million in Team Rubicon.

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Transportation, including passenger vehicles, is responsible for around 29 percent of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, climate change scientists have warned that increasing global temperatures will lead to more intense weather disasters. According to NBC News, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration identified 18 extreme weather events that each caused at least $1 billion in damage in 2022.

ford trucks donated to team rubicon

Ford Motor Company

A Fleet of Fords with Reflective Wraps

On top of the just-announced monetary donation, Ford will also hand over 17 electric vehicles and hybrids to Team Rubicon, including 15 pickup trucks and two four-door Broncos with a Sasquatch off-road package. That truck fleet will be made up of 10 F-150 XL PowerBoost Hybrid trucks, three F-150 Lightning Pro trucks, and two Super Duty F-350 XL trucks. Ford selected these models not only for their ability to carry heavy loads—of food or medical supplies, for example—but also to provide power for rescue efforts or other needs, as all 15 trucks have some Pro Power Onboard capability. The 17-vehicle fleet will also have a co-branded wrap design that includes reflective elements so the vehicles are easier to see in the dark.

Ford is making the donation through its charitable arm, the Ford Motor Company Fund, which has donated $7 million to disaster relief efforts globally in the past few years, according to the group’s website. Ford and the Ford Fund made over $64 million in charitable contributions in 2022.

Team Rubicon Started in Haiti

Team Rubicon was founded in 2010 after a massive earthquake in Haiti. The veteran-led organization now supports communities around the world «before, during, and after disasters and crises» with the help of over 150,000 volunteers. Team Rubicon operates across the United States.

Ford will encourage its employees to volunteer with Team Rubicon by providing paid time off when they do. Ford employees volunteered with Team Rubicon in Detroit earlier in 2023 to repair homes wrecked by floods in 2021. The first targets for Ford employees with this new donation are Detroit, again, and Houston.

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