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viernes, septiembre 29, 2023
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How renting an EV can cut emissions and save you money

Renting an electric vehicle instead of a petrol or diesel car could be one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to do your part for the planet.
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If you’re a company or individual worried about lowering emissions on your next work trip or holiday, there might be a simple solution.

As companies attempt to crack down on both direct and indirect emissions and keen travellers grow increasingly aware of the environmental cost of their getaways, decarbonising domestic travel is proving to be one of Australia’s biggest challenges.

However, according to SIXT Australia CEO Matt Beattie, merely breaking a common transport bad habit could be the easy fix you need…

What are the worst carbon emitters? 

In 2019, the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy found domestic air travel on average releases 255g of CO2 per passenger, per kilometre, which is more than any other form of transport.

The next worst emitter is driving a petrol-powered car, which emits 192g, followed by driving a diesel car (171g) in third place, while fourth and fifth places are occupied by short-haul and long-haul flying (156g and 150g) respectively. 

Recently, France banned short-haul flights where a 2.5-hour or shorter train service is available. 

However, in Australia our unique geographical logistics and lack of a high-speed rail service comparable make emissions mitigation harder.

So if the five worst sources of carbon emissions are combustion-powered driving and flying, how can Australia’s car- and plane-addicted travellers help to cut emissions? 

Electric vehicle rental could be the solution.

How can electric car rentals help reduce emissions?

One of the easiest ways to reduce emissions – whether as a company or as an individual – is by choosing an electric car for your next journey wherever possible.

Leading car rental operator SIXT has 163 locations and more than 16,000 vehicles nationwide – and an increasing portion of these vehicles are electric.

“We run one of the largest fleets in the country so it is only the right thing to do to for our planet and society to transition to electric as fast as we can,” said SIXT CEO Matt Beattie. 

“We know that this intent aligns with the ESG (Environmental, social, and governance) goals of many of our corporate clients too. Not only does renting an EV save on emissions but our proposition ensures that it also makes sense commercially.”

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Although substituting air travel for an electric vehicle is most kind to the environment, it is not always practical for corporate and leisure travel.

So knowing that taking a flight is mostly unavoidable, SIXT have made it easy for customers to still make a positive impact on the environment by making EVs available when they arrive.  

This provides an opportunity to reduce emissions once on the ground and also reduce expenses, with EV rental rates that compare with petrol-powered equivalents. 

“We are the only Australian rental provider that has EVs in every state, territory and at all major airports. We are in the process of expanding our electric fleet and are aiming to have a further 300 new electric vehicles on fleet by the end of 2023”.

Additionally, SIXT offers a number of unique features that make hiring an electric vehicle even more cost effective.

Unlike combustion-powered rental cars which need their tanks topped up with fuel before return, SIXT is unique in the market that it does not insist on EVs being returned with a full battery.

For trips that do require a little more in the battery, all SIXT electric vehicles have free access to a variety of public charging stations.

That said, Beattie reports a single charge is often more than enough for a majority of customers.

“Our EVs have a range greater than 400km to keep you moving. If you’re taking a quick business trip, in most cases you won’t even need to stop to recharge. Right now we are the only competitor offering free charging via our partnerships with NRMA, Chargefox and Tesla charging networks so our customers will never be left stranded or out of pocket.”

A range of electric vehicles are on offer depending on the budget. At the premium end, customers can choose from a BMW iX3, Tesla Models 3 and Model Y, while more affordable vehicles include the BYD Atto 3. In the case of the latter, customers can rent the small, zero-emissions SUV for $90 per day

“Our commercial and corporate rates are competitive in the market, with the pricing of our EV vehicles similar to an equivalent ICE vehicle. In some cases they are even cheaper,” he said.

“When you combine that with the fact that there are no additional fuel costs like with an ICE vehicle, there is now simply no excuse for corporate customers hesitating on making the move to EV or for our leisure customers to try one out.”

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