Talking with a rottweiler breeder

Dangerous, aggressive and evil creatures that bite everything that moves, and that which does not move, they move and bite. This is a fairly common opinion about rottweilers. In fact, these beautiful, strong in spirit and body dogs, with the right approach, become real guards of their family. We talked about the history, character and … Leer más

Questionable Phenotypic in the Rottweiler

Questionable Phenotypic in the Rottweiler

Controversy has broken out among Rottweiler fans. Differences of opinion between breeders across the world are becoming increasingly evident. Preferences are drifting apart when it comes to selecting stud dogs and bitches to breed from and judging dogs at shows, and it seems that two camps have emerged. A second type of Rottweiler has appeared … Leer más

Dmitry Dudukin

My favorite breed is the Rottweiler. Dmitry Dudukin is 44 years old and lives in Moscow, Russia. He graduated from the University of Economics and Statistics of Moscow. He has been working in an investment and management company for last twenty years. Together with his Rottweiler Cid vom Rottberg they became the World Champions of … Leer más

Pavlína Fialová: The Rottweilers Are Closest to My Heart

Funny Falko Bonnapo

Pavlína Fialová is 42 years old, she has a university degree (Ing.), is married and works as a quality controller in the company BN International. She has passed more than 45 exams with her Rottweilers, including IPO3 with five dogs. She is a certificated dog trainer. Pavlína Fialová repeatedly participates in the Czech RTW Nationals … Leer más