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martes, septiembre 19, 2023
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KDMax pro tunes available on Oahu

Hey TW Hawaii.
KDMax pro tunes now available on Oahu. Let me know if you’re interested.

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KDMax pro tune 10.0 just released! (6/4/23)

Price will go up July 1st 2023, get your tune before it does!

Does your 3rd gen Tacoma gear hunt? Have sluggish acceleration? Unpredictable downshifts? The KDMax pro tune can help with those issues and improve overall drivability!

-3rd Gen Tacomas (v6 + 4cyl)

-2nd Gen Tacomas (v6)




The KDMax-Pro Tuning Group is proud to announce an updated, improved KDMax-Pro tune.

This release is the result of extensive testing and monitoring by our group (and some customers trucks) over the last few months.

We also were able to Dyno test a customer’s truck to compare KDMax-Pro-10.0 and the Toyota stock tune.

(Dyno pulls done in 4th gear).

We were able to make significant improvements in multiple areas.

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-More power- HP+Torque gains throughout the RPM range
-Improved/smoother throttle settings for better throttle control
-Improved air/fuel settings for better MPGs
-Improved shift settings for predictable shifting
-Significant optimization of transmission behavior for better passing power on the highway
-Overall improved DRIVABILITY!

Dyno results

Stock vs KDMax-Pro-10.0
2016 Tacoma
87 octane
Stock intake
Stock exhaust
Stock gears
33inch tires.
20 HP over stock.
33 lb-ft Torque over stock.

– More usable and noticeable low end torque
– Octane learning–good for Regular or Premium gas.
– Improved/smoother shifting.
– 4Lo tested- smooth and strong at low speeds.
– Throttle improvement with 3 options.

Throttle Choices

1. Sport throttle- Aggressive, linear but optimized for less jerky low speed

2. Normal throttle- Used for Daily Driving but aggressive and linear

3. Lite throttle- A little more than Stock throttle but optimized to be linear and smooth

2nd Gen Tacoma’s 2wd/4wd 2010 to 2015
tune price $400
Reach out to see if your ECU ID is supported. You may need a TSB first.

3rd Gen 2.7 4cylinder Tacoma’s 2016-2017-2018-2020-2021-2022-2023 Automatics only
tune price $400

3rd Gen Tacoma’s 2016 to 2023
tune price $400

4Runner – 2010 to 2019
2010-11 2/4wd
2012 4wd
2013 4wd
2014 2wd
2015-2018s 2/4wd
2019 4wd
tune price $400

4Runner – 2020 to 2023
2020 2/4wd
2021 4wd
2022 4wd
2023 4wd
tune price $500

Visit for info and reviews

Note from Dyno operator:
Hey guys, Jacob here with DyNomad.
I’ll post up some key notes about the Dyno.
First off, you cannot compare different vehicles, on different days, with different dynos, running in different gears. You will only go around in circles with someone trying to nit pick the results. It is pointless to compare a stock trucks power output using a Dynocom Dyno to a stock truck using a Dynojet. It is universally accepted that Dynojets are the highest reading dynos on the market. This is why so many tuning companies prefer them, because the average consumer is too naïve to understand that the peak power output a dyno shows is arbitrary.
What a dyno does is shows a delta. That is the only factor that matters. It wouldn’t matter if this dyno showed that it made 100hp, the delta would still be the same percentage of change between the runs. Only focus on the gains over stock. If 10.0 makes 20 more hp than stock on this dyno, it will make 20 more hp than stock on a dynojet.
The 3rd gear vs 4th can skew results. The real reason why most people use 3rd in these trucks is because of wheel speed. In 4th we ran this truck to 140mph, clinching our buttcheeks the whole time. At these speeds, driveshaft failure can occur from critical speed failure. Fortunately, we didn’t have that problem, we just sent it for the science. When someone uses a non 1:1 ratio in the trans, or close to it, the torque values are usually misrepresented. Now, this can be corrected depending on the type of pickup that is used by the dyno operator. I would assume that the other guys used an optical pickup on the crank, or possibly an inductive pick up on the coil wire. IF they used that, the results are not so skewed, but if they used something called «snapshot» which relies on the synchronization of the wheel speed in 1:1 gear vs the roller speed, the results can be very skewed. Either way, 3rd gear is a torque multiplier. I guarantee if they ran in 4th, the results would not be the same.
People are going to get hung up on the overall peak power output and see that others show a higher number. There is unfortunately nothing that can be done about it. They did however use a lower correction factor that will read a little lower, which is surprising. They used SAE, we used STD. Its a subtle difference, but its there.
The big take away from this is the smoothness of the curve with the KD Max Tune. You can quite literally feel the difference. Look at the power difference under the curve between stock and 10.0. It is massive in some spots. You can clearly tell where the stock ecu is pulling timing around max torque. It is too conservative. The 10.0 keeps timing in there, maybe a slight adjustment after peak tq, and then ramps it back in. Stock wavers a bit. This is due to being on 87 octane. Others were on 91 octane. If we were to run this truck on 93, the difference would be even more substantial, but then again the stock tune would also increase in power.
Happy to answer anymore questions you guys may have. Remember, you are not selling these tunes for HP gains. You are selling drivability enhancements, the added hp and tq are just the icing on the cake!

Info and reviews here:

@TWTaco @PapaRee


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