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sábado, septiembre 30, 2023
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LEAKED!!! 2024 Nissan Nismo Z Order Guide Confirms That It Will Be Auto Only

The Japanese Domestic Market, or JDM, Z cars have quite the history. The original Datsun 240Z began production in 1969, and was released for the 1970 model year. The first generation, S30, was born in response to Toyota’s 2000 GT sports car. Becoming ultimately more successful, over 160,000 two-door, two-seat, rear-wheel-driver cars were sold in just four years of U.S. production.

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These cars featured a 2.4 liter inline-six mated to a four-speed transmission, producing 151 horsepower, along with a fully independent suspension. With an MSRP of $3,526, zero to sixty in eight seconds with a top speed of 125 mph, the 240Z was seen as a performance discount. Datsun sold over 46,000 Z cars in 1973. During the third generation (Z31), Nissan began to phase out it’s U.S. based Datsun designation in 1984, seeing it through to completion the next year.


Fast-forward to the present, and the sixth generation (Z34) resulted in it’s 370Z being retired after more than a decade, and making way for the next-gen 2023 Nissan Z henceforth. Only 3,302 Nissan 370Z cars were sold in 2019. Still, an estimated figure of over 1.7 million Z cars were sold in the last 50 plus years since production began. As the brand’s enduring sports car, the two-seater Nissan Z pledges entertainment, dependability, and attainable performance, while the NISMO simply ratchets all that up.

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Nissan Drops The NISMO!

As of just yesterday, we all got to see the new 2024 Nissan NISMO Z teased. There are no official details yet on this performance-tuned version of the 2023 Z, but the video shows Formula Drift champ Chris Forsberg «hooning» it around. Hooning is an informal term, which can be defined as: the action or practice of behaving loutishly (uncouth or aggressive) or irresponsibly.

That’s exactly what Mr. Forsberg is doing here, as he is ripping up Dunlop SP Sport Maxx summer tires. The car looks great, featuring a nice color paint, with contrasting red and black accents throughout the car. The wheels are black and stylish. The seats are of Recaro variety, with black and red accents as well, and slots for five point harnesses.

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The «O» in NISMO is red on the front and back of the car, and the signature red stripe returns, running over the exhaust tips on the rear diffuser. This red line actually traces the bottom of the car, from the front splitter to there, and has become iconic. The video ends with the words «coming soon,» which was rumored to be later this year, with more information in the summer. It just so happens that the first day of summer in the United States was June 21st, so the video reveal on the 22nd was fitting.

Things noted by Car and Driver, are on a better body, as a new body kit is recognizable:

  • Unique front and rear bumpers with a more angular look
  • Iconic return of NISMO red stripe
  • New duckbill spoiler extends over the wheel arches

As far as the regular Z, the tires can be easily overwhelmed, so the upgraded Dunlop set will only aid in increasing grip and performance, just don’t shred them too much.

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NISMO Translates To Peak Performance

What is NISMO? Well, that «is the embodiment of ultimate Nissan performance.» What inspires this? The answer to that is simply the most unforgiving proving ground in motorsports, and that is none other than the racetrack. To be NISMO means that an elite group of engineers and drivers, who have worked and won at all levels, take select Nissan vehicles and develop them into road cars that deliver unique, thrilling, and authentic experience. Of course, because the name is literally derived from NISsan MOtorsport.

Given all this, we expect the 2024 Nissan NISMO Z to possibly offer more power than the regular Z.

2023 Nissan Z Specs


Twin Turbo 3.0 Liter V-6

Engine Output

400 horsepower; 350 pound-feet of torque


Nine-speed automatic; six-speed manual


Rear-Wheel-Drive (RWD)

Fuel Economy

18 city, 24 hwy, 20 combined, (manual) premium gasoline

Starting MSRP


Rumors suggest that a NISMO version could have up to 500 horsepower, but there’s no way to know for sure until the full specs are revealed this summer or later. The base prices of last year’s lineup ranged from over $40,000 to just over $55,000, so given a power bump and added performance hardware, a NISMO could start at the low to mid $60,000 range.

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NISMO Z Comes For The Supra

Toyota-GR_Supra_iMT-2022-1600-1a 2

Front 3/4 view of white Toyota Supra parked. 

It’s no secret that the Nissan Z is a direct competitor to the Toyota Supra, given the aforementioned brand history, and recent head-to-head testing. However, at this point, it’s arguable that the Z slots behind the Supra in terms of performance and price.

2023 Toyota GR Supra 3.0 Specs


3.0 liter twin-turbo I-6

Engine Output

382 horsepower; 368 pound-feet of torque


Eight-speed automatic; six-speed manual



Fuel Economy

19 city, 27 hwy, 21 combined (manual) premium gasoline

Starting MSRP


One can see that the Supra, although built with BMW tech to include the engine, falls below the Z in terms of power output. It also has one less gear in the automatic transmission. It does get more fuel economy with the manual, but then again it also costs more to start. There is a 2.0 liter version of the Supra, but we want to compare the cream of the crop here, since the subject at hand is the upcoming NISMO.

What sets the Supra apart, is it is lighter, and it doesn’t have as much weight at the front wheels of the car. This helps to overcome the Z in terms of all-around performance, making up for the power gap. Still, the Z arguably has the better styling, and it’s the best Z car thus far definitely surpassing the 370Z. Also, it features a manual, something the Supra lacked until this model year. Even so, it may just take a NISMO to overtake the Toyota, but this also leads to a very important bit of information.

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The NISMO Z Will Be Auto Only

For being a peak performance sports car, one bred for the track, the knowledge that the NISMO will be auto only is undoubtedly disappointing. There’s some new scoop that confirms this, in the form of the Nissan order guide. The idea here though, is that this will make the NISMO faster, as fast as it can be. That’s significant when talking about taking out the Supra, a car that arguably surpasses the base Z in every way other than perhaps looks.

Still, it’s a letdown to not at least have the option in what looks to be the more powerful and unique version of the Z car, especially when it is an option in the base car as it was in the past as well. Double-down with that as the Supra now has a manual option too, only with the top engine choice, the 3.0. Perhaps knowing this, Nissan elected to flip the script, to again gain an upper hand on Toyota. Though yet to be officially revealed, the new sexy NISMO Z is sure to excite.

When it comes and for how much remains very much in doubt, as Nissan has dragged its feet in the past from prototype to production. Given the car market today, and the massive dealer markup for special and unique vehicles like the NISMO ones, good luck getting one for MSRP. Hopefully by the time it drops, the market will settle, and we can all have some more fun.

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