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martes, septiembre 19, 2023
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Mud flaps, Taco, Chuck Norris and HOT SAUCE no build just BS.

Current pic.
New fun: 2000 Z28 LS1 toy. How it looks upon purchase Nov 2021.

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Old Build info on Taco.(Relatively done):
Alright the creation of a build thread of my own is happening as a thanks to all the great builds and input on here, I’ve benefited from. Also it will help me to do some of the things, I would like to do as well. First are a couple of pics from when I first bought my 2013 DCLB TRD Sport. I’ve only added a few things since and I have yet to get pictures with those changes, eventually I’ll get around to it. Just don’t hold your breathe as I work a lot.
Pics from when it was bought:

For the most part all of my mods will be done where it will not affect reliability, and utility. I will warn you I hate appearance items only. Best example is I can throw out there is the non functional hood scoop. I will say it does look good though, so I might fall victim to a few of these type of changes but very unlikely. The other item I will point out is I bought this as the towing/ hauling family camper rig. Well the family out grew the truck, also because of my dogs too. No my dogs do not ride in the bed.
Theme: The focus is to make the truck look as if that’s how it should have come from the factory type of deal for the most part. It will be interesting to see if that stays true or not.

Current upgrades/ mods:
1. Retrax tonneau cover – this thing is awesome, got it cause it will last and can keep items secured via lock and key.
2. Pop and lock latch – same reasons with the tonnneau cover and keep the tailgate from getting stolen.
3. TRD exhaust – eh its mostly cause of the look and sound and should last, fell for this trap lol.
4. I also have some cheap seat covers and rubber floor mats. (We have dogs, don’t care to spend a lot).
5. Secondary air pump filter mod – done Sept 2017. Sure why I didn’t know to do this sooner. Shit is done and well worth peace of mind. Stupid design anyways.

Future plans/ wish list Section:
1. Bed mat – Done
2. Finally installed my 3rd Gen off road wheels.
3. Unfortunately coming to terms with having to get some running boards, so my wife and little one can get in easier.
4. Want to add a light for under the hood.
5. Like the looks of the bull bars, though probably will go with a brush guard as it will do more than just add to the looks of a bull bar. Scratching both off the list.
6. BHLM mod and maybe tint the tail lights or go aftermarket for both. Perhaps PRO headlights. Thinking about projector headlights now. Want to tackle myself. Interesting video
New helpful info for BHLM…-how-to-05-14-tacoma-mini-h1-and-fx-r-install
7. Going to paint a couple of interior pieces to add a subtle touch too.
8. Do some kind of grille change or mod. TRD PRO grille bought needs to be installed.
9. Lift installed. Thanks to Headstrong for the parts. Parts on: 887’s, LR UCA’S, Deavers AAL, Bilsteins shocks.
Other lift reference info link:
OME video reference:
Light Racing Video link reference. Just a starting point must use directions too.
AAL install link
10. May do a CB radio at some point just not high on the priority lisg to do more of a wish here.
11. Going to either remove my badges or repaint them a similar gray color to what the pro grille has on it possibly.
12. Diff breather mod:
13. Ultra Gauge
Maintenance section:
Waxed- never.
Oil changed- of course when light goes off.
14. Fog light anytime mod
Some other shit- yeah probably.

Yep title says it all, no real build left. A few other goodies but no other major changes for this truck from here on out. May change if I’m lucky enough to add a supercharger down the road though. More than likely a pipe dream.

Fluid Film applied 12/17/17 – pg 40 post 790

Procharger mayhaps. Pg 79 quote.

Edit: disclaimer any info from me or off this thread is at your own risk/ choice and you are responsible for it. I am not liable in anyway shape or form.


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