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martes, septiembre 26, 2023
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Overland Torque Tune (OTT) by Overland Tailor

Overland Tailor Tuning was established in 2018 to bring custom calibration services to the 3rd Generation Toyota Tacoma platform. Since our establishment, we’ve worked diligently to bring something to market that elevated performance and drivability in different areas than in other calibrations. We had an innovative idea and vision for what the Tacoma driving experience could be and set about bringing it to reality.

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Our approach to calibrating vehicles is unique to OTT. Derived from extensive data collection and analysis (quantitative and qualitative), our methods have brought OE like reliability, repeatability, and consistency to an aftermarket calibration. Evaluating each change individually within our file, we’ve derived what we believe is as close to an OEM quality calibration as possible – leading to a truck that feels like it would have come off the lot, but having an enhanced driving experience that is typical of bespoke builds.

The OTT experience has been specifically engineered to improve the lacking low end torque production of the 2GR-FKS engine in part throttle cruise and at wide-open throttle while also paying special attention to the high RPM output. We accomplish this by optimization of key engine parameters controlled via the ECU to improve actual engine output (even with stock throttle settings if the client so chooses) and not just opening the throttle body further to give the sensation of additional torque. We also wanted to ensure our torque leading calibrations give your truck what it needs to tackle the terrain ahead.

All supported applications are developed from the ground up with the philosophy of having OE like reliability and predictability with an enhanced power-band that provides the broadest torque curve possible with transmission tuning optimized around this enhanced power-band. This set-up delivers improved torque to the drive wheels and improved response through a variety of speeds and driving conditions.

Due to the growth OTT has had, and the demand for support across other Toyota platforms, we now (as of 10/13/22) offer support for the following platforms:

  • 2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma 4.0L – Incl. transmission tuning/rev-hang delete & forced induction setups.
  • 2005-2015 (Some exceptions) Toyota Tacoma 2.7L – Incl. transmission tuning.
  • 2007-2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser 4.0L – Incl. transmission tuning/rev-hang delete & forced induction setups.
  • 2016-2022 Toyota Tacoma 3.5L – Incl. transmission tuning & forced induction systems.
  • 2016-2023 Toyota Tacoma 2.7L Auto – Incl. transmission tuning.
  • 2005-2009 Toyota 4Runner (4.0L & 4.7L) – Incl. transmission tuning & forced induction setups.
  • 2020-2023 Toyota 4Runner – Incl. transmission tuning & forced induction setups.
  • 2007-2021 Toyota Tundra 5.7L – Incl. transmission tuning & forced induction setups.
  • 2007-2018 Toyota Land Cruiser 5.7L – Incl. transmission tuning & forced induction setups.
  • 2007-2018 Toyota Sequoia 5.7L – Incl. transmission tuning & forced induction setups.
  • 2005-2009 Lexus GX470 4.7L – Incl. transmission tuning & forced induction setups.
  • 2008-2023 (Some Exceptions) Lexus GX460 4.6L – Incl. transmission tuning & forced induction setups.


You can find Overland Tailor Tuning at:

or through our network of authorized retailers:

Details about our naming conventions and other details regarding our files:

Throttle Settings:

Our throttle settings come in a range of settings as we’ve learned there are folks who like near stock like settings and folks who like a very aggressive throttle profile. We’ve done our best to have production files available to our network with the full suite of settings, eliminating the need to have a custom throttle profile made for most clients. Our range of throttle settings available for most applications consists of the following, listed from least aggressive to most aggressive:

Lite, Mild, Medium, Spicy, Super Spicy

Some applications like the 3rd Gen Tacoma and 2nd Gen Tundra can have dual throttle settings configured. One setting for «normal» and the other for «ECT/Tow/Haul». Settings for each mode can be configured independently and are available in any combination. Speak to your tuner to discuss your needs and have a throttle configuration setup for your needs.

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Transmission Settings:

On all applications where we have the necessary mapping definitions, we have transmission tuning available in two standard configurations, Standard and Sport.

Our Standard transmission mapping is designed as an enhanced OEM like shift schedule that retains a similar character of the OEM trans but we clean up and optimize when the transmission shifts and minimize the annoying behaviors the stock transmission tuning can sometimes have. Some platforms have better transmission tuning than others, so not all platforms will have the night and day difference the 3rd Gen Tacoma (for example) experiences.

The Sport transmission mapping we have available for many applications takes the Standard transmission tune we have to the next level. Not intended for the casual driver. Best suited for vehicles who are supercharged or use their vehicle at higher RPM/load for extended periods such as pre-running. The shift points for our sport transmission tune are designed to keep the motor higher up in the RPMs. You’ll find upshifts occur at higher RPM and downshifts happen much earlier than the Standard transmission tune. This is often a standard option on vehicles with ECT.

We also offer Gear Lock (GL) tunes by request. Typically, these are configured to eliminate the downshift from occurring when large throttle inputs are made and used for dyno tuning or towing by some folks. We specifically configure our GL files to allow the vehicle to naturally downshift when coasting to a stop but will not downshift due to throttle input. Our GL files are configured to still upshift at the regular shift points the non-GL version would. These are not intended to be «Direct Shift» files. If you require a GL tune, please coordinate with your tuner ahead of your scheduled tune so we can ensure the files are prepared for you in advance.


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