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sábado, septiembre 30, 2023
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Performance Limited Service Fuel System – 2022 JLUR 2.0

*** UPDATE 5/15/23 –
Found this website and it shows the STAR engineering case. Still the message from FCA is “ignore it, you’re fine.”

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*** UPDATE 10/5/22 –
The dealer took the info I gave them from my family member and wouldn’t do anything with it. At this time there doesn’t appear to be performance issues related to it, not that I can tell.

*** UPDATE 8/7/22 –
I have a family member who is a tech at a dealership. I ran this by him and he did some digging. Here’s his reply:

“So I got a little bit of knowledge for you about your issue. Our go to tech says that that message usually comes on if it’s a hybrid system, he’s thinking your computer was programmed for a 4xe and was put into yours, it basically tells you to run your gas engine to cycle fuel so it doesn’t go stale, he says to have them try and reconfigure the vehicle through mopar diagnostic program (witech)”

No 100% guarantee on this as they haven’t dealt with it at their dealer yet. It does make some sense to me though as we’re only seeing this message on the 2.0L and they use the 2.0 in the 4xe. I’ll be at the stealership again this week to have them “fix” everything they broke so far.

*** UDPATE 5/6/22 –
Picking up my Jeep from Fort Collins Jeep dealer today. I highly recommend everyone take their Jeep into the dealership with a picture of this message that they’ve taken and tell them there is a STAR case open for it. That will get Jeep moving on trying to resolve, for now it sounds like they don’t care and don’t have the time, nor willingness to troubleshoot further based on their response to me in the text message below.

*** UPDATE 5/3/22 –
Got a message from the dealer, “Hey Mr. Thompson, Devin from Jeep….The «Performance Limited, service fuel system» warning message Chrysler is aware of and there is no fix for it at this time.” The dealership has advised me to just ignore it. At least they’re acknowledging it at this point instead of denying everything.

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*** UPDATE 5/3/22 –
Dropped off the Jeep at the dealer. They have an engineer from STAR working with the dealership to troubleshoot. At this point, I have very low expectations.

*** UPDATE 4/28/22 –
I’m brining my Jeep in again next Tuesday, not sure what they’re going to do yet, it’s going in because the stitching is coming apart, the USB 2 port doesn’t work properly and some whistling is happening that these people at the dealer hyperactively tell me is normal but they cannot reproduce it on any other JL.

*** UPDATE 4/13/22 –
Dealer replaced my sway bar and the electronic disconnect. Call me crazy but I think the vehicle rides worse now, more sloppy. It might just be all in my head, I don’t know. On the way home, guess what? I got the «Performance Limited Service Fuel System message»! Who would have thought that replacing a sway bar and electronic disconnect would NOT have fixed it this? haha I’m calling the dealer again later today to let them know their solution did not resolve the problem.

*** UPDATE 3/29/22 –
The dealer received the electronic sway bar disconnect kit. They scheduled me to come in on Friday, April 8 to have it replaced. They still believe this solves the «service fuel system» message. I haven’t seen the message in a about a week or two, although I haven’t been driving much either. Next update coming in about 2 weeks. I hope I get the message driving home from the dealer.

*** UPDATE 3/21/22 –
The electronic sway bar disconnect along with sway bar are to arrive at the dealership tomorrow. The sway bar is now fully incorporated to the fuel system and this is the reason why we are all getting the «Performance Limited Service Fuel System» message. If you have a non-Rubicon Jeep, you may bring it to the Fort Collins Jeep dealer and they will give you a free electronic sway bar disconnect system to resolve this issue, they are 100% certain this will fix the problem. Further updates to hopefully come at the end of this week.

*** UPDATE 3/16/22 –
On the jlwranglerforums, it seems that many people are in agreement that this message seems to be happening only on deceleration. I brought it up because thinking about it, I could only remember it when decelerating, or coasting. I did relay this information to my case manager, hoping he relays it to «STAR» which I understand is a group of engineers to work on these sorts of problems.

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*** UPDATE 3/11/22-
Talked with Ron, my case manager, and I requested we get an engineer or engineering team involved. He said there is a team called STAR that is their engineering team. He is waiting for the dealer to call him back. I asked if I could bring the vehicle in soon and they could start troubleshooting. Now again I’m waiting. Ron will call me back with an update by next Friday.

*** UPDATE 3/9/22-
Called Jeep Cares and my case manager, Ron, is out of the office. I explained to him I believe we need to get an engineer involved and that the service advisor at Fort Collins Jeep is confident that replacing the electronic sway bar disconnect in the Rubicon will resolve the problem. I asked how non-Rubicon owners with the 2L motor are getting the same message. I am expecting to receive a contact from Ron at Jeep Cares by the end of the week.

*** UPDATE 3/3/22-
I just got off the phone with the service department at Fort Collins Jeep in Fort Collins Colorado. They had to order a part to resolve the «Performand Limited» message. They ordered the electronic sway bar disconnect and a new front sway bar.

I said, «That doesn’t make sense, what does the sway bar have to do with the fuel system?»

His reply was, «you have to understand how these things work, if the car thinks the sway bar is disconnected, it will limit your performance, it won’t give you full throttle.»

I laughed and said, «okay, I’ll be in to pick it up today»

I’m not going to talk trash about them now, maybe this fixes it. My first instinct is it will not. If it does NOT fix it, I will be in there calling them idiots and raising hell because that makes ZERO sense. So, apparently, only the 2.0 motors have sway bar disconnect issues and it shows up to tell you to service the fuel system…..

*** UPDATE 3/1/22 –
I’ll give you all an update. I took my Jeep in this morning and the service advisor recommended that I stop using 91 octane fuel and start using 85 octane. He said they’ve been seeing a lot of limited performance with the 91 octane on the 2.0 engine and the engines making weird noises. and I should NOT be using 91 octane in that engine. That is the complete opposite of what the manual says so I hope the right hand can start talking to the left.

Jeep is at the dealer and that’s the only update I wanted to share so far. UPDATE 3/1/22 ***

Greetings! I’d like to share an issue that several others on another JL forum are experiencing. We seem to all have the 2L with auto and it happens in automatic and the manual mode. While driving, we receive a message on our cluster that says «Performance Limited Service Fuel System». A few of us have reached out to our dealers and they say, «never heard of it, keep driving it and let us know if you see it again.» I tagged @JeepCares in the other post where they have been known to chime in but nothing yet. I was lucky enough to capture a picture. Sometimes it lasts for 5-10 seconds, sometimes it’s just a quick flash for 1-2 seconds. Others were not like a cat as I am. Miles seem to be ranging from 81 to 1000. We’ve all ran at least a 2nd tank of fuel through and it didn’t resolve the issue. I did notice up in the mountains through the snow on a trail last weekend that I did seem to have less power, perhaps just in my head though. If you’re having the issue as well, please chime in here!

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