Pogba has bought Rottweiler for 17,000 euros

Paul Pogba wants to increase his security measures. According to ‘The Sun’, he has bought himself a Rottweiler for 17,000 euros to use as a bodyguard.

Paul Pogba has been in the media spotlight for a number of months. His constant controversies since making the move to Manchester United, through the Mourinho battles, his perceived lack of effort on the field, and his rumoured desire to leave for Real Madrid, have made his relationship with the fans sometimes less than positive.

Pogba buys a guard dog

rottweiler specialist security company

At times, fans of the club – just like most others – can lose control of their emotions and this was seen on numerous occasions with the player being shouted at and abused following a bad performance. Others went further, with threats and attempts to attack him. For this reason, the French international has decided to protect himself.

Pogba contacted Chaperone K9, a specialist security company, to buy a guard dog. He then acquired a rottweiler, paying 15,000 pounds (around 17,000 euros) for his new pet. The company also supplied watchdogs two other players of the team, Marcus Rashford and Phil Jones, with guard dogs.

The Manchester United midfielder will hopefully now sleep more peacefully at night…