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jueves, septiembre 28, 2023
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Razor Ground Force Elite electric go-kart is big enough for adults

Razor has been hard at work expanding its electric vehicle lineup lately with larger, more powerful versions of its existing vehicles. The latest segment of the Razor fleet to get the extra big-kid treatment is showcased in the new Razor Ground Force Elite electric go-kart.

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Razor describes the new electric kart as “a premium 36-volt electric go-kart for teens combining power and performance for the ultimate driving experience.”

But with its 200 lb. (91 kg) weight rating, it seems like you could already have your high school days in the rearview mirror and still make weigh-in on race day.

In fact, the kart’s minimum age rating of 13 years old shows this isn’t a kids’ toy, it’s a serious little electric go-kart.

The new Razor Ground Force Elite is part of a continued push by Razor to roll out teen- and adult-sized versions of its popular electric kids’ ride-on vehicles. That means that the Ground Force Elite also comes with better performance.

A top speed of 14 mph (23 km/h) is possible, which likely feels a lot faster when your cheeks are 2 inches from kissing the pavement.

Make sure you enjoy every minute of it, because the new electric go-kart is one of those things in life that are here for a good time, not a long time. With “up to 40 minutes” of run-time per charge, you’re going to want to savor every lap.

But before you dismiss this cart as a toy, consider that Razor has actually outfitted the thing with some decent features like an adjustable steering wheel.

As the company explained:

Designed to mimic the look of racing karts, it features a bucket seat with a lap strap, adjustable steering wheel, and foot pedal-activated disc brake that allows smooth and precise braking. This new go-kart is the perfect opportunity to bring home an experience normally reserved for the racetrack.

The Elite’s blow-molded design enables the chassis to flex, improving steering geometry and ride dynamics by allowing all four wheels to remain in constant contact with the ground. The tires are subtly crowned for reduced rolling resistance which improves battery life and the overall speed. 

razor ground force elite electric go-kart

The electric go-kart is powered by a 36V system, though it uses a trio of lead acid batteries instead of higher-end and lighter lithium-ion batteries. While that choice results in a heavier kart (67 lb. or 30.5 kg) with batteries that don’t last for as many years, it also makes it safer for charging at home and reduces the kart’s overall cost.

Speaking of the price tag, the Razor Ground Force Elite is surprisingly affordable at $549, though Amazon seems to currently have it on sale for $547. Compare that to Segway’s adult-sized electric go-kart that launched at between 3-4x this price.

Razor’s vice president of design and development Ian Desberg commented on Razor’s strategy of expanding its market to a broader age range:

The Ground Force Elite is the newest, largest, and most exciting addition to our Ground Force range. It joins the perennial, mid-size Ground Force which has been in the Razor lineup for many years and soon we’ll launch an even smaller Ground Force Rad Rod for kids. Our goals center around getting the whole family moving and playing together, so accordingly, the Ground Force go-kart series has compelling and age-appropriate options for children, tweens and teens.

razor ground force elite electric go-kart

Razor has shown a focused interest lately in fleshing out its line of electric rideables with more teen- and adult-sized offerings.

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The moped-style Rambler 12 and Rambler 16 electric bikes were recently joined by the new Rambler 20 for adult riders. While it features a similar styling to the smaller Ramblers, the new version has fully functional pedals, a 500W motor and a top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h).

I haven’t yet tested out the Razor Ground Force Elite electric go-kart, but I have gotten my hands on several other new adult-sized Razor vehicles. Electrek readers might remember that in recent months I’ve tested both the Icon retro-styled standing scooter and the EcoSmart Cargo seated scooter. Razor also offers two other adult-focused rides with the Crazy Cart XL and Dirt Quad 500.

As the company expands further into the adult segment, developing larger versions of popular kids’ products, it appears that Razor has its sights set on competing against the larger market of adult e-bikes and recreational rideables.

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