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martes, septiembre 19, 2023
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REV’IT! Levante 2 H2O Jacket Review

REV’IT! Levante 2 H2O Jacket Review Summary

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Review Summary

The REV’IT! Levante 2 H2O Jacket is a high-performance motorcycle jacket designed for all-weather wear. It features waterproof construction, a breathable design, and impact-resistant armor for enhanced safety. Riders can enjoy optimal comfort in varying conditions with an adjustable fit system, strategic ventilation panels, and a removable thermal liner for warmth during colder rides.


All-weather protection: Waterproof and includes a removable thermal liner.

Breathable design: Prevents excessive sweating for comfort in varying temperatures.

Impact protection: SEEFLEX CE-level 2 armor in elbows and shoulders.

Adjustable fit: Customizable for a comfortable and secure fit.

Ventilation: Strategic panels promote airflow for cooling during warmer rides.

Versatile functionality: Multiple pockets and reflective panels, suitable for various riding styles.


Sizing discrepancies. It may run slightly small or large for the chest.

Waist or cuffs could be more adjustable.

Wash specific detail

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More reflective elements could improve rider visibility

Additional airflow may be desired in sweltering weather.

The bulkiness of thermal liner.

The back protector is not included.

REV’IT! Levante 2 Jacket: The All-Around Riding Companion

Returning from RevZilla’s Get On! ADV Fest I felt refreshed by the world of off-road and distracted by the thoughts of wanderlust on a motorcycle out in the plains of adventure. So what better way to come home than to a box with an adventure jacket?

REV’IT!’s Levante 2 H2O Jacket is an upgraded reason to ride and a thoughtfully built jacket that had me unraveling its layers and pockets like a kid searching for an easter egg. No eggs were found, but I was impressed nonetheless.

I already have a garage with summer-vented, leather and MX jackets. I wondered what this ADV jacket could bring to the table. Aside from peeling away its layers like a Renaissance painting with a hidden message. I decided to take it to the road and test its durability on a foggy ride through the mountains in search of farm-fresh pie. You heard me right. This is a test of jacket endurance and puff pasty.

REV’IT!’s Mission; Inspire To Ride

REV’IT! is a motorcycle apparel brand that has worked for years to make strides in catering to female riders. They know the struggle with getting a woman’s fit and a woman’s approval for gear.

“We believe that women should have the same opportunities to express their individual style and enjoy the thrill of riding.”

And with that, they have crafted a range of female-specific jackets that prioritize comfort, style, and safety for women on and off the road. REV’IT! Focuses on tailored fits, durable materials, and impact-resistant armor, ensuring female riders feel confident and protected while embracing their passion for motorcycles. It’s not a wonder why they’re a favorite among many disciples of riding. They have a team of women providing gear designed specifically for women.

Let’s see how it matches my style and a quest for Pie.

REV’IT! Levante 2 H2O Jacket Features

Here are some main takeaways from my flight tests with this baby. Many that have it hold its own as an all-around riding jacket and not just one for ADV.

Writer posing with Levante 2
The Levante 2, is an all-day, all-weather jacket geared for anything.

Key features include: 

  • Over-under wearable hydratex® lite waterproof liner to keep you dry in rainy conditions and a removable thermal liner for added warmth.
  • SEEFLEX CE-level 2 armor in the elbows and shoulders
  • Features an adjustable fit system for different body shapes. And a Flexisnap at the collar.
  • Accurately placed ventilation panels and 3D air mesh for optimal airflow.
  • Multiple pockets for convenient storage.
  • Reflective panels for enhanced visibility in any condition.

For a complete list of features, visit REV’IT! Levante 2 H2O Jacket.

First Impressions

Front view of the Levante 2
The writer is wearing size 38 comfortably.

My expectations of a heavy-riding jacket were cut short with this one. It was not nearly as thick or heavy as I expected, but still framed longer on the torso. My measurements for a 38 fit at least 95% correctly with the shoulders, waist, and arm length. The chest left a little bit too much room personally for it to “fit like a glove.” But had I sized down, it probably would have felt too restricting.  I suspect REV’IT! was trying to compensate a larger female audience with larger assets. Don’t worry, REV’IT! i’m not insulted. Body positivity is the game!

Regardless that my chest lacked the sizing proportions the media would have on my display, it was tapered to my waist and tailored to a more curved shape. So yes, I still felt pretty.

I could move my arms without feeling pinched in my shoulders or having them shortened out by the wrists. I couldn’t even feel the flex armor, like a ninja—it flowed with every bend of my elbow. No weird shifting or awkward angles. It nailed the freedom of movement. Having it move just as smoothly as it looked gave it a lot of points.

I was still unsure about the inner liner, but the ride would show if it’s made as efficiently as the rest of this jacket.  So far, it was something I could see in my closet.

REV’IT!’s is excellent at providing function and form for its female audience.

REV’IT! Levante Jacket Construction

Outer Shell

The outer shell of this jacket is made from top-notch materials for its durability and resistance to wear and tear. This tough outer layer is supposed to act as a solid shield against whatever Mother Nature throws at you. It’s like having insurance for staying dry and cozy in windy and rainy conditions, so you can focus on enjoying the ride without worrying about getting soaked or compromising style.

  • Outer Shell: 100% Polyester dull 450D, 3D Air Mesh
  • Lining: Mesh

Front view of Levante half zipped up.

Back of Levante 2.
Clean lines and smooth form meet durability in the Levante 2’s outer shell.


The jacket’s outer shell is made with a touch of waterproof polyester that is abrasion resistance. This outer layer acts like a barrier against the elements. It offers waterproof protection against wind and rain.

Lining: Moisture-wicking Mesh.

The inner lining is soft and breathable, designed to wick away moisture and keep you cool during warmer rides. The padding and mesh panels felt svelte and were strategically placed to provide optimal airflow and ventilation; it felt comfortable and minimized sweat.

Levante Inner side of outer shell shown with writers personal back protector.

Levante Outer shell unzipped with inner thermal liner.


The collar incorporates the innovative FlexSnap system, which combines comfort and versatility. I gratefully thanked that we were out of the dark ages and over experiencing the pain of hair snags in velcro.  The FlexSnap system allows adjusting the collar circumference easily and personalizing its fit to each rider and whatever the climate.

The open collar shows a smooth snap profile with a mini-REV'IT sigil in the corner.

Writer demonstrating easy snap system on collar.
The Levante Flexnap system is snag-proof and fully endorsed.

Thermal Liner

The REV’IT!  has an excellent removable thermal liner in the Levante 2 H2O jacket. When the weather gets chilly, this liner kicks into action. It’s like having a cozy blanket wrapped around you while you ride. And when things heat up, I could simply take it out and enjoy the breeze. No more feeling like a baked potato! This removable liner also has socket snaps and loops on both cuffs to secure the liner to the jacket. This liner is a fresh way to have the freedom to adapt to changing temperatures and ride in comfort all day long.

Removed Thermal Liner zipped up.

The inner side of the Thermal liner. Shows an additional trouser zipper.
The thermal liner is shown open and closed. h


The REV’IT! Levante 2 H2O Jacket technically offers six pockets, including external and internal compartments.

  • Exterior (shell)
    • Two external lower slit pockets: Positioned at the lower front of the jacket, these pockets are palm size and have a waterproof liner.
    • One large pocket at the base of the back. Large enough for documents, phones, or more snacks. Also, waterproof liner.
  • Interior (shell)
    • One smaller Inner chest pocket: Mesh material.
    • One larger Inner document pocket: Designed to accommodate larger items such as documents, maps, or even a small tablet.
    • One velcro-ed back pocket to hold the REV’IT! Back Protector

The front pockets provide convenience for my IDs and keys during my ride and kept my belongings secure and easily accessible at all times.

REV'IT's moto message to the world.
The Levante’s thermal liner inside back branding.


The branding is pretty obvious for this one. If the topography just below the neck on the back doesn’t give it away, the clear “REV’IT!” print on the arm does. They’re proud of what they make, and that says something too.


REV’IT! incorporates double short connection zippers, a standout feature of this jacket. These zippers enable seamless attachment for compatible trousers, creating a secure connection that prevents the jacket from riding up during the ride. I didn’t have pants, but it was a nice touch.

Lining zippers are also strong but built light. They felt and looked a bit wider but zipped quickly.

The cuff zippers on these jackets were also a winner. They opened wide enough to give airflow and still had a connective line, so they didn’t flap around during my ride. They also make putting on and removing the jacket easier, especially when wearing gloves.

Zipper cuffs for the win on this one!
Expanding zipper cuffs on each arm for airflow.


The REV’IT! Levante 2 H2O is available in three different colors. White, black, and Red.

REV’IT! Levante 2 H2O Build Quality


The REV’IT! Levante 2 has six sizes: 34, 36, 38, 40, 42 and 44.

As discussed above, the sizing is pretty on the mark but can vary in the chest. There are cinchers on the sides to adjust, but the main fit in your shoulders, waist, and torso should be checked with their sizing chart before ordering.

Additionally, when I had the inner liner in, it fits more true to size than when I took it out.


Comfort factor was a gloved thumbs up.

True to size standing and sitting on the bike. Snag-proof collar, soft mesh, and quality polyester made this a plush addition to my riding attire. It didn’t ride up the back on my sports bike or have any pressure points after a day of riding.

The combination of the outer and inner shell materials balanced protection and breathability. The outer shell shields from external elements, while the inner shell promotes air circulation and moisture management, preventing overheating and discomfort.

Nailed it with the design REV’IT!.

I could see this jacket as a daily commuter when the early morning was crisp and then the evening warmed up, heading home. Or potentially on a trail off-road.


There’s a lot of customizability in this jacket. The more I took it apart, the more I noticed. That makes sense with an all-weather jacket, but the execution was great.

It’s got some super fun snap buttons on the collar and sleeves that let you tweak the fit and airflow. Perfect for changing weather conditions, right? The waist and arm straps are also strategically placed so you can quickly tighten or loosen them for a fit that won’t flap around when you’re at high speeds. It’s all about finding that sweet spot of comfort and security, and this jacket delivers.

Adjustable cuffs also feature snaps or hook-and-loop closures; riders can customize the tightness around the wrists, providing a  comfortable fit while preventing wind or water from entering. Small wrist ladies, rejoice.

I could tighten the waist and cinch the arms to my preference without obstructing a vent. And the easy red snap loops were few and well placed, so there wasn’t a 100 to undo just to take the inner liner off midday.

It felt easy and like a quick costume change. Simple methods changed the jacket and suited it for all the weather changes of my ride. Regardless of your size, you’ll like all these little features that make the jacket fit better and work with the rider in mind.

The inner arm shows adjustable snaps and fastenings.
The Levante’s arm options loosen or tighten to the rider’s size.

REV’IT! Levante 2 H2O Jacket Functionality

So funny enough, it was the perfect day to search for pie in an adventure jacket.

Perfect being overcast, rainy, a high elevation climb, and a hot afternoon to come home to.  And it handled marvelously.

I headed out in 50-degree weather with all three layers on the outer shell, the thermal and waterproof liner. The elevation change dipped in temperature, but I didn’t notice. I noticed that the jacket outperformed my gloves, as my hands were the only cold part of my body.

I was comfortable, and most importantly, I was DRY when the rain hit. I felt it, but no seeping sogginess or cold sinking feeling anywhere. Toasty, comfortable, and honestly great to wear up a mountain canyon. The waterproofing was solid without the feel of being in a sauna of a jacket. We arrived fresh. Hair is a mess, but no BO, which is much better, in my option.

I am curious how cold this jacket could be because we weren’t riding in the snow. Nonetheless, the right under clothing could stand up as the thermal layer felt like it was retaining heat just as much as it was wicking away sweat.

We arrived at our pie bounty dry, smiling, and hungry—the jacket slaying the ride up. And the pie, well, look for yourself.

Apple cherry in case you were wondering.
This review was fueled and fulfilled by pie.


Post Pie is where we got to test ventilation as the temperature changed to 75. Yay, California!

I took off the thermal liner as well as the waterproof layer. I also opened up the zipper cuffs and widened the collar flexsnap. I wanted to see what full ventilation meant to this line of jackets. I was heading downhill, but would it hold up if I took this to the desert? It was June in southern California when I took this ride, so yes, the ventilation needs to happen.

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