Rottweiler Temperament

Personality of your Rottweiler

Rottweilers are believed to be dogs with an aggressive personality. In movies, we often see them as vicious animals, which is not accurate depiction of the personality of Rottweiler. Rottweiler Temperament relies on your ability to train and most importantly socialize starting from a young age.

Fortunately, pure breed Rottweilers can be well-trained, well-behaved and adhere to all standards related to the personality and temperament of Rottweiler, set by ADRK and the American Kennel Club. With proper training, Rottweilers proves to be loyal and extremely useful companions for people with disability.

They are even good with children and mix well with most dog breeds. Rottweiler behavior is usually even-tempered and dignified. They develop a proper Rottweiler temperament through good socializing skills if the training starts from puppy-hood. However, Rottweilers temperaments take their time to decide if a person is worth their affection and time.

While Rottweiler Temperament is well-known to be good with children and stays loyal to the whole family, they are not hospitable towards strangers unless properly introduced to them. Despite their temperament and calm personality, Rottweilers are not fit for everyone due to their size.

Temperament of Rottweiler

All of our Imported Rottweilers are well-bred to ensure they are calm and playful. They are loyal and lovable. All of them are not overly aggressive with strangers either. They love to chew and loves playing with chew toys. It is important to provide your Rottweiler some interesting toys to chew on. If your dog has no chew toys to spend time with, it might start chewing your household items.

It is your responsibility to ensure best Rottweiler behavior by not giving it a chance to lose temperament. As compared to other breeds, Rottweiler won’t lose it easily.

Train-ability of your Rottweiler

Rottweilers are very responsive to training, but they can become a challenge for a novice owner. Since, Rottweiler is a large breed, they tend to show dominance during the training, and it assumes itself as the alpha of the house. For this reason, among other reasons, we recommend crate training your Rottweiler Puppy.

You, as an owner, must enforce boundaries with 100% steadiness. Remember, if you give your Rottweiler an inch, he will take a mile from you, and twill dominate around the house and it would be far difficult to control them.

As the leading Rottweiler breeder in the US, we have trained our Rottweilers well. They are well mannered, well behaved, warm, and welcoming. We begin their training at an early age to prevent any bad habits from developing.


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