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Sponsored / Level Up Your ADV Skills with GRIT Moto Adventures

The beauty of the adventure bike lies in its versatility. They can navigate twisty gravel backroads, gobble up miles of straight interstate, carve the Tail of the Dragon, or, with the right skills, bust bark on all but the nastiest singletrack. For someone just getting into the sport, finding the best riding locations, and receiving the proper training for the more challenging aspects of the ride are likely the two biggest obstacles to clear. As luck would have it, GRIT Moto Adventures in Park City, Utah, offers full training programs, a custom-built training course, and access to fantastic tours both locally and afar. The training and tours that GRIT offers are not just for beginners, however, as they have programs for all skill levels. Its location next to the Wasatch Mountain Range puts it smack dab in the middle of adventure bike bliss.

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Pictured: GRIT training ranch

Starting at home base, along with the specially designed training trails and challenge course, the GRIT facilities will include six primitive yurts, a lounge with kitchen and bar, a shop with tools for maintenance, repairs, and training, and even non-motorcycle related relaxing activities such as bocce ball and ping pong.

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Pictured: Bill Dragoo with DART

As for the training programs and instructors, the original vision for GRIT was to have an in-house full-time instructor, but that quickly morphed into utilizing a community of trainers with different backgrounds, experiences, and styles. This allows for a much broader range of possibilities for courses of all types, and GRIT endeavors to provide the trainers the perfect base from which they can provide the best experiences available.

Each GRIT guest trainer is highly qualified, and possess a range of verified certifications such as BMW off-road, DART (Dragoo Adventure Rider Training), Total Control, or Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider training. GRIT’s goal is not only to provide their clients with the best possible training options, but also to expand and build the adventure bike community with a network of like-minded trainers.

Guest Trainer Ben Dragoo

Pictured: Bill Dragoo with DART

The courses that GRIT offers include a Level 1 “Intro to Dual Sport” course that covers the basics of both on- and off-road riding, as well as providing a basic understanding of the motorcycle and its parts.

Next is a Level 2 “Adventure Bike Skills” beginner to intermediate course that is great for experienced road riders transitioning to dirt, or dirt riders looking to perfect technique. New riders can build confidence, while experienced riders will push their limits and enhance their skills.


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Other courses include a Level 3 “Advanced ADV Training” course for more advanced riders, a maintenance workshop, private one-on-one lessons, and a female-only Level 2 course.

Curious on how those Dakar masters navigate so quickly at top speeds? Sign up for their Roadbook Navigation 2-day course coming this September.


Learning how to ride an adventure bike is one thing, but going out and putting theory to practice on a tour is where the fun really gets kicked into high gear. Beautiful scenery awaits as GRIT’s trainers guide riders along fun trails and over challenging obstacles, introducing riders to their favorite Utah terrain.


For the photography enthusiasts, GRIT offers its “Landscape Photography Photo Tour”, including photography instruction from a professional. Seth Hamel, owner of Enlighten Photography and an avid adventure rider, provides clients with hands-on, customized instruction while visiting some of the best obscure photography locations in the area that he has found in his travels.

As part of GRIT’s Paired Adventure Series, they combine the thrill of motos with other activities like epic camping in Utah, fly fishing in New Mexico, or whale watching in Southern Baja. For more moto focused tours, they’ve also partnered with preferred tour companies that offer various packages along with a special discount for previous GRIT guests.


Located just outside of Park City, Utah, GRIT provides a premier training and touring facility for all levels of experience. GRIT Moto Adventures will be offering its first classes in July of this year, and is offering ADVRider readers a 15% discount. Just enter promo code “ADVRider” at checkout to receive your savings.

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