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Travel Smarts / How Do YOU Find A Good Campsite?

In 2021 in North America, an alleged 93.8 million people considered themselves campers between Canada, the United States, and Mexico combined.We have a lot of space in the three collective countries, around 8.4 million square miles (21.7 sq km). Of course, a large part of that is covered by urbanization.

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Nowadays if you ask people how they camp, a large percentage refer to RV’s and fifth wheels. These take up a lot more space than your average two-man tent, but because of pure volume of interest in this sort of camping, campgrounds now cater to them a lot more than tent campers. There’s a lot more money to be made.

As adventure riders, we are tent campers—so how do you find a space amongst the growing number of other campers?

Since 2020, the number of campers increased by around 10 million, creating busier campgrounds in the popular areas. The lesser popular areas that rarely saw campers now have a steady inflow of new arrivals.

There you are on your bike tour riding in random directions, or following a trail that you are told could be anything from 100 miles to 250 miles a day, it just depends on you, your bike, and your abilities. This often leaves you not knowing where you will sleep that night.

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Let’s start with the obvious. You can stay in national parks, state parks, national forests, and so on. These are usually bookable online and in advance, but usually, you have to pay up front. That’s tough to do if you don’t know you’ll even get there. Refunds are not always available (but I’ll show you a tip for that later).

So what else is there? It’s right here on ADVrider. Our Tent Space thread has been running since 2006. It gives you the chance to camp or maybe even get a bed at a fellow inmate’s property, and it’s very extensive. Obviously, as it’s an old thread, so there may be inmates that aren’t here anymore. Give yourself enough time and them enough notice when possible before arrival.

Also, there’s a Google map to go along with it that you can save it to your phone’s profile—it’s here. If you don’t know how to save that map to your phone, do a Google search for the info. It isn’t had.

In the map, you can search a specific area to find an inmate living where you want to camp. Then, drop them a PM (click on their user name) to start a conversation.

Now if for some reason you strike out, are there other options? Of course…

If you have a new Garmin Zumo XT or XT2, and maybe other Garmin GPS units, they now include an app called Allstays. You can also download it for your mobile for $9.99. It’s only for iOS and there are six options, so make sure you pick the right one.

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AllStays also has a website where all the info is free. Don’t miss the Trucks link, if you are a wild camper. The truck link tells you where truck stops are, but also if they have showers so you don’t have to be a smelly biker.

Just like our own Tent Space, there is also a map feature which can be a big help. Icons are clickable and give details, addresses, and phone numbers if available.


The Dyrt is similar to AllStays. This option runs a map feature on their website but it is a paid function to use it. They do claim to list over a million campgrounds, but if you use the “tent” filter, that number drops dramatically. But it might help you find a place if you’re in a pinch.

The Dyrt app is free and it works for iOS and Android.


If camping on Federal or State Campgrounds is more your thing:

The US federal government uses the website. There’s also an iOS-only app that gives you the option to purchase permits and passes. State land uses and also has apps for both iOS and Android.


If you want camping with a little extra, Tentrr and HipCamp are both kind of like the Airbnb of camping. They have unique sites, private land, maybe some glamping, some even offer massages… all for a price of course, but maybe for one night on a trip it could be a different experience.

Tentrr iOS only

HipCamp iOS and Android


Campendium might be your one-and-done (paid) website and (free) app to check what’s out there, offering various types of parks, free gaming, and other options. The iOS-only app is a little ad heavy but it’s free, so you can’t complain!


If wild or free camping is more in your wheelhouse, have a look at Boondocking. It’s primarily an RV site, but if it’s a secluded spot in the middle of nowhere with no amenities then why not put up your tent in that location? There is a free iOS app

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