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lunes, septiembre 25, 2023
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Why The Upcoming Royal Enfield Classic 650 Is Perfect For Retro Cruiser Fans [Spy Shots Inside]

If you’re good at something, you should make sure to extract every ounce of profit from it. We know that’s not how the saying goes, but this is the approach bikemakers take in the two-wheeler world. Yamaha does this with its 700cc mill, Honda with the 500 lineup, and the latest example is Royal Enfield, which finally expanded its twin-cylinder squad with the Super Meteor 650. It’s not stopping there, though, as the Indian giant is set to birth another 650cc cruiser soon. The said motorcycle–likely wearing the ‘Classic’ badge–has been spied testing on the company’s home turf, and here’s all you should know about it.

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The Royal Enfield Classic 650 Takes Design Inspiration From The Classic 350

Small motorcycles take inspiration from their bigger siblings all the time. But the opposite rarely happens. And the latter is exactly the case with the Classic 650. Though the video is small, if you pause it at the right time, you can clearly see the Classic 350 reminiscence.

For starters, there’s a chrome nacelle and a small cap on the LED headlight (a first for the Classic lineup), flanked by round blinkers and retro fork covers. This, along with the long, old-school fender, creates a fascia just like the 350cc cruiser. The tail section is no exception either, as we can clearly see Classic 350-like triple illumination, all housed on a curvy fender. Also worth noting is the pea-shooter exhaust, which is a first for RE’s 650cc lineup, but a common bit on the…you know who.

Speaking of RE’s 650cc lineup, the middle section of the test mule has a bit of Super Meteor 650 vibe going. The split saddle and bulbous fuel tank appear to come from the flagship RE cruiser, and even the position of the rear shockers is SM 650-like. Together, all these create a likable retro aesthetic, something that’s made the Classic 350 a favorite around the world. No points for guessing what RE’s aim is here.

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The Royal Enfield Classic 650 Has Simpler Underpinnings And Features Than The Super Meteor 650

Blue 2023 Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 cruising up the road
Royal Enfield

Astral Blue 2023 Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 cruising on the road through the desert

Another aspect revealed in the spy shots is the Classic 650’s underpinnings. The stark difference is the set of old-school telescopic forks up top, unlike the Super Meteor’s Showa upside-down units. Similarly, there are no alloy wheels and the Classic rolls on steel spoke wheels fore and aft. What looks identical, though, is the rear suspension (dual shockers) and single disc brake at each end. Expect the latter to house ByBre calipers, same as the Super Meteor.

Will all this make any difference to the weight? We doubt it, but at the same time, we hope RE thinks about it. One of the Super Meteor’s biggest setbacks is its over-530-pound weight and if the Classic is lighter, it’ll show the company values customer feedback.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Speedo_adobe_express
Royal Enfield

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Besides this, what also appears simpler is the instrument cluster. We know it’s not super clear, but again, pause the video at the right time, and you’ll see a chrome bezel around on headlight assembly. So it’s likely the cruiser has a simpler cluster, with the Tripper Navigation pod being only an accessory. This help keep the cost in check too. That said, dual-channel ABS, a semi-digital inset, a USB port, and a slipper clutch with all be present as standard.

The Classic 650 Will Employ Royal Enfield’s 648cc Parallel-Twin Engine

Royal Enfield 650cc Engine
Royal Enfield

Close-up shot of Royal Enfield’s 648cc, parallel-twin

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. The Classic 650 will boast Royal Enfield’s 648cc, parallel-twin powerhouse, directly borrowed from the Super Meteor. So it’ll produce 47 horsepower and 38 pound-feet, all sent to the wheel via a six-speed transmission. Before you go all “this is quite less”, we suggest you read our first ride review of the Super Meteor 650 to know just how potent this mill is, even for freeway speeds. We do expect a different, more thumping exhaust note from the Classic, though, because of the new exhausts.

When Will The Royal Enfield Classic 650 Break Cover?

Royal Enfield 350 Classic with a horse in a field
Royal Enfield

A red and chrome Royal Enfield Classic 350 standing with wildlife 

The Classic 650 has been in the works for quite some time, but the latest sightings show a near-production-ready motorcycle. This hints at an imminent launch, probably in the next couple of months. Not to mention, the engine already checks all the emission boxes around the world, meaning RE doesn’t have many changes on its hands.

Judging from what we see here, it’s a no-brainer the Classic will slot between the Continental GT 650 and Super Meteor 650. For reference, the former starts from $6,349 here, and the latter is expected to be the costliest Royal Enfield at around $6,900. Regardless of the price, the cruiser will first go on sale on RE’s home turf (India), followed by Britain and Europe, then the United States of America. Now that you know all this, are you excited about the upcoming motorcycle? Jot down your thoughts below!

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