World Dog Show 2020

Dear Exhibitors and dog lovers,

The designation of Madrid for the 2020 World Dog Show is a big challenge as well as a big satisfaction for the Royal Canine Society of Spain.

World Dog Show 2020

It is an opportunity to show Madrid to all Exhibitors, dog lovers and visitors. Madrid is the capital city of Spain. A City That Combines The most modern infrastructures with a financial, administrative center with an immense culture and artistic heritage.

At the same time, it offers big alternatives of leisure, a tempting offer With traditional commercial shops hosting the big world brands, and an immense variety of restaurants. All this Makes of Madrid «The City Where nobody feels foreign.»

The Royal Canine Society of Spain has the commitment and the opportunity to show to the world our dog-breeding passion and our capacity to organize, Together with IFEMA, This wonderful event.

IFEMA Exhibition Hall is in the center of Madrid, has modern, comfortable and well Communicated facilities, with good access, spacious pavilions and large parking areas for cars and caravans.

Annually IFEMA shelters Some of the Most Important Congresses and Exhibitions in Europe.

Spain is a leading country for tourism, and at this World dog show we are going to bring out the best of ourselves.

We want all Exhibitors and dog lovers from all over the world to remember Madrid’s World Dog Show 2020, as one of the best, not only for ITS excellent organization, Also but for the friendship and kindness of the Spanish people, Which is a part of our character.

DEAR EXHIBITORS, Make sure to save the date of April 2020 in your diaries to show your dogs in Madrid.

You will Have the opportunity to enjoy our hospitality.

Many Exhibitors will win big prizes and recognition With Their dogs, but you will all cherish the memories of a nice time spent with us.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

Julian Hernandez
President of the Royal Canine Society of Spain

Event Details

From: 23 abril 2020

To: 26 abril 2020


Madrid, Spain